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Implementation Guidelines

National Changhua University of Education Implementation Guidelines for Love-for-school Service-learning

Revised in the Administrative Affairs Meeting on January 7th, 2004

Revised in the Administrative Affairs Meeting on June 2nd, 2004

Revised in the Administrative Affairs Meeting on September 8th, 2004

Revised in the Administrative Affairs Meeting on May 6th, 2015

I. Purpose:

Service-learning develops students’ self-management ability and responsible attitude, inspires them to show love to their school, encourages them to actively participate in public affairs, and increases their intention to serve others, so that they will teach others by their own example in the future, cultivating talents, contributing to the public, and serving the society.

II. Love-for-school service-learning at National Changhua University of Education is handled by the Student Guidance Division

III. Implementation method:

1. Subjects:

  (1)(1) Freshmen of Jinde Campus and sophomore of Baoshan Campus.

  (2)Transfer students may not use service-learning courses of other universities to apply for waiver of service-learning courses.

2.Time: One hour a week during weeks 4 to 8 and weeks 10 to 16 of each semester; 12 weeks in total. Departments may choose the specific time periods.

3. Contents: Cleaning campus buildings and surrounding areas and other affairs of department offices. Planning the contents and scope of work, group assignments, and supervision shall be handled by the college and department office. Work planning should give consideration to students’ safety during actual operations.

4. Students that cannot attend love-for-school service-learning activities must apply for leave in accordance with the “Student Leave Regulations”.

IV. Tasks and responsibilities:

1. Student Guidance Division:

(1)Formulate the love-for-school service-learning plan and related regulations.

(2)Apply for and purchase cleaning tools for love-for-school service-learning.

(3)Promote the love-for-school service-learning system.

(4)Plan and supervise love-for-school service-learning of the entire university.

(5)Orientation training for heads of love-for-school service-learning groups.

(6)Handle affairs of students who are absent or on leave for love-for-school service-learning.

(7)Calculate, register and announce grades for love-for-school service learning.

(8)Produce certificates for love-for-school service-learning.

(9)Other matters assigned to the division.


Oversee affairs of love-for-school service-learning of each department.


(1)Oversee affairs of love-for-school service-learning of each class.

(2)Draw out and assign areas of the department to service-learning groups.

(3)Provide a place to store tools.

(4)Assist class advisors with selecting heads of service-learning groups.

4.Class advisors:

(1)Attend workshops on love-for-school service-learning to understand related methods.

(2)Understand the responsibilities of heads of service-learning groups and provide guidance.

(3)Select outstanding students to serve as heads of service-learning groups.

(4)Supervise operations of service-learning groups and evaluate their performance.

(5)Grade students for their love-for-school service-learning performance.

5.Heads of service-learning groups:

(1)Attend workshops for heads of service-learning groups and complete the training course.

(2)Understand methods and regulations of love-for-school service-learning.

(3)Plan cleaning areas, work items, and contents for group members.

(4)Apply for and manage tools.

(5)Assign personnel and handle and report special situations during love-for-school service-learning.

(6)Provide information on the performance of group members during love-for-school service-learning to the class advisor and department director.

(7)Take part in the promotion of love-for-school service-learning.

V. Score assessment:

1.All students of National Changhua University of Education are required to participate in love-for-school service learning, and their grade for love-for-school service-learning is listed on their report card as passed/failed; students pass the course if they have a grade of 60 points and above and must take the course again if they fail.

2.The starting score is 80 points and class advisors can add or deduct points with the number of periods absent also considered in the final score.

3.Students must complete leave procedures if they are absent during love-for-school service-learning, 5 points will be deducted from their final score for each hour if they do not apply for leave; students who apply for personal leave will have 1 point deducted from their final score, and students who apply for sick leave will have 0.5 points deducted from their final score, both types of leave will not affect their full attendance; not points are deducted for official leave and funeral leave, and neither will affect their full attendance. Students with full attendance in love-for-school service-learning will have 3 points added to their final score.

4.Departments and class advisors may recommend students with extraordinary performance or special contribution for a reward.

5.Students’ love-for-school service-learning score shall be listed as an evaluation item for various scholarships.

VI.Heads of service-learning groups who have served one full semester with good performance will receive a certificate in recognition of their excellent leadership in love-for-school service-learning.

VII.All faculty members are obligated to participate in, promote, and provide guidance for love-for-school service-learning.

VIII. Source of funds:

 1.Tools purchase and facility repair expenses will be reimbursed by the Office of General Affairs.

 2.Other expenses will be reimbursed by the Office of Student Affairs.

IX. These guidelines shall take effect after being approved by the Administrative Affairs Meeting and ratified by the president. Any revision to these guidelines shall follow the same procedure.